FEBRUARY 2011         
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Because it has been requested and because we have been able to re-arrange our commitments in February  2011 we are offering the following opportunities in Die Quelle:
A.        A Foundational course in the Spirituality, Psychology and Practices of Meditation in different Traditions. Theory and practice,  in 2 sessions:
Session One:  Friday 11th  18.00  -  Sunday  13th  after lunch
Session Two:  Friday  25th  18.00  -  Sunday  27th  after lunch.
            This is being offered for Beginners but could also be valuable for those wishing to            resume practice which has been dropped or to change their method  of practice.
Cost:  260 € (total), which includes both the cost of accommodation and stipend for the complete Course.

B.         Meditation: Intensive Practice.
            Wednesday  16th  18.00  -  Sunday 20th  after  lunch.
Practice  supported by the Ashram  atmosphere and rhythm of day. Opportunities for individual guidance plus general teaching and group Question and Answer sessions.
Cost: 260 €, which includes cost of both accommodation and stipend for teaching and guidance.

NB:      Die Quelle  has a supply of Meditation cushions and stools, but if you wish to bring your own please do so.  If you prefer to sit on a chair that is also welcome.
Only 10 places are available  for  all sessions.                       
We will keep a wait list but please register by January  11th  2011.
NB.      All requests to participate in programs in ‘Die Quelle‘ must be made directly to Sr. Gitti Linhart by e-mail: glinhart[at]aon.at or phone:  +43 3331 2700 or fax:  +43 3331 2700 4

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a Sadhana Ashram in Central Europe

Our life-style in „Die Quelle“, while guarding the essentials of the authentic eastern ashram tradition, is rooted in the contemporary Global reality. From January 2007 the house „Die Quelle“, (the Resource for members of the International Satsang Association), in addition to the usual Satsangs, will be open to all, from any tradition or none, who are seriously seeking a space, the silence and an atmosphere conducive to spiritual practice and guidance.

If you would like to join us for a period of time, during our Sadhana months, please contact us via E-mail:

In returning to the (your) Source, you will be most warmly welcomed

in 2007:
- March 10 to April 8
- June 17 to July 1
- September 29 to October 17
- November 11 to December 2

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