Seeking Together
Helping to Create
A Planetary Vision
And Universal Compassion

Buscando Juntos
Ayudando a Crear
Una Visión Planetaria
Y Compasión Universal

Gemeinsam auf der Suche
Mitwirken an der Schaffung
einer planetarischen Vision
und universellen Mitgefühls


How to become a member of the Satsang Association

If you would like to join the International Satsang Association or you would like more information, you have three ways to do so:

  • You can contact a Satsang member in your country or area to find out more about our organization, or for help in becoming a member.

  • You can download, complete and sign the membership form below and send it by mail or email to the secretary of the International Satsang Association (ISV):
    Monica Courey
    930 Tahoe Blvd. #802-528
    Incline Village NV 89451

  • You can register online here.

Before you apply for membership, please read the constitution of the ISV.

One of the duties of members of a non profit association, as required by Austrian law, is financial support of the organization. Our annual membership fee is  $28 US, 20 €, UK£ 17, $300 MXN. Here you'll find the payment details.


To download this document click here: Satsang Membership Form.pdf


Satsang members can login here to access the members area.

New users/applicants please 'Sign up' first.

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