Ishpriya‘s spiritual direction focuses on meditation, awareness and mindfulness and other practices that aid spiritual growth.

She lays great stress on the fundamental place of spiritual practice in helping in the growth of relationships of compassion and appreciation across frontiers of race, ethnicity, culture, language, economic class and religion.

You can find more about her wisdom in her video clips and at the audio recordings from different Satsangs. Her latest book you'll find here.

SPECTRUM - A new Series of Reflections on Ishpriya's YouTube channel

The first in the new series of Reflections, under this title, will be on YouTube by the end of November. At the end of each month, for the following 8 months, a new reflection can be viewed. For those who have not seen these series before the following will be helpful to note.
All of us, all human beings, are on a short, physical journey through Space time, from birth to death. We become aware that we also travel at another, non-physical level of awareness; we make a spiritual, timeless journey into reality.
Awareness of this Spiritual dimension is the purpose of our brief physical journey. The challenges we meet to remaining aware of this spiritual journey in everyday life, are hard to face alone. We need constant reminders and companionship.
The purpose of these series is to help us as we journey. They are not “lectures” offering new information, but rather encouragement as we reflect deeply. Each month we will look at the message an event in world news or an ordinary issue of life to-day, holds for (my) life. The reflection will leave us a question(s) to think over during the month.
For those who may find it helpful there will also be a suggestion of a very simple spiritual practice to try.

Ishpriya's YouTube Channel:


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