Gratitude for the presence of Propst Gerhard Rechberger, Prälat  Rupert Kroisleitner, Pfarrer Wolfgang Fank and everyone.

We stopped at each area of the house and garden which has significance for the purpose of „Die Quelle“. As each point someone spoke briefly to the themes below – then asked for a blessing for the future.

We whare happy about the words Propst Gerhard Rechberger added to the purpose and spiritual importance of life in „Die Quelle“.

Special gratitude to Herrn Othmar Konecky and Dieter Korschitz who made the shrine and to Silvia Pfeiffer-Hutter and Karl Felber for filming a video of this Blessing.


Wayside Shrines and Icons have a long history in Christianity and are a tradition in this area. Life in „Die Quelle“ is spart of these traditions. Words of Brother Michael – the Icon painter. 

Sepp Fink


In the vastness of creation it is essential that we find the revelation of God – also in the small and seemingly insignificant, in nature and humanity.
Seva in the garden is not just work – but spiritual practice.

                                      Anneliese Korschitz


In 20 years hundreds of persons have passed through this door bringing their hopes, pain, doubts and joy. Seeking the „Source of all Life“, they leave here spiritually re-engergizes. We are reminded to keep the doors of our hearts open to anyone who is seeking God – by whatever name.

Dieter Platzer

Boarderless Planet

In 2004 this Hubble photograph confirmed for the first time that our planet earth has no natural between people on earth – we have created. We must find a new way of living together.

Milad (Asylum seeker from Iran)


Barriers dividing us have also been errected within the same culture or religious tradition. The 6 levels on which „Die Quelle“ is built and the stairways connecting them remind us of our daily responsability to rejoice in our diversity without class distinctions.

Andrea Stapper


In the last 50 years space research and exploration have both challenged and enriched our knowledge of the great mystery – who is God. Since the  beginning in „Die Quelle“ – the use of small telescopes has enabled us to stand in awe at the source of all life.

Michael Hartinger


In 1996 the International Satsang Association (a small non.profit association) trusted in God and bought this property to create a place of spiritual resource. The members of this association are commited to working with all – without discrimination who will help to encourage a global vision and a universal compassion.

Adrien Stewart

Storage Room and Kitchen

In „Die Quelle“ all, both women and men, share equally the task of preparing meals. This is an effective challenge to learn how to share creatively,

the resources we have. It is a practical reminder of the the abuisive economic imbalance between our nations.

Sybille Loew

Hut and Garden

In the intensive pressures of daily living, the Tsunami of research findings and the demands of techology – we all need to take time to be „off-line“, to reflect deeply on the meaning and purpose of our lives. Die Quelle offers the opportunity to be alone and to discover the vital truth – that God is always with us.

Sr. Hanni Woitsch rscj

Conference Room

In this age of powerful communication and media technology authentic words of truth and hope are vital for us. This conference room helps us to both hear and reflect deeply on these truths – in the scriptures of world religions, in the television coverage of todays international events.

Fery Berger


Here we can ponder our inheritance of wisdom and the major issues of faith in our world today.

Members of the Satsang Association include several artists. Works of Sybille Loew and Alexandra Hendrikoff are here and Frank Francis in the Sadhana room.

Edith Haidacher

Sadhana Room

In recent decades-many, mainly youth – have found in the Siritual Practices of other ‚Eastern‘ traditions – help for their spiritual journey. In this room some have found the freedom to learn and to practice Tai Chi, Yoga Asana, Zen, Tea ect. and meditation in different forms.

Annette Hutter

Cave of the Heart

Returning within – to the place where there is nothing, where all is known as God – we find the heart of God at the heart of our own being.

Sr. Gitti Linhart rscj

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